Current USDA Mortgage Rates

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If you are buying a home or refinancing a USDA Mortgage, rates are very important to be aware of. USDA mortgage rates change each day and sometimes multiple times each day – so get your real-time USDA rate information right here for a number of different lenders in your area. Adjust the settings below for loan amount and click multiple lenders to shop for their best rates and fees.

Research has proven that people who shop for multiple rate quotes get the better deals on their mortgage! Take the time to speak with multiple lenders who can help you get the best rates on a USDA loan today.

Quoting a Rate vs. Locking a Rate

When you first talk to a lender, the loan officer will often “quote” you a rate. This may or may not be the final rate that you end up with – it all depends on the rate that you “lock” with the lender. The most common time that lenders let you lock your rate in with them is after they have all of your paperwork in and can be sure that you are eligible for the loan program you have applied for. So just because a lender may quote you a super-low rate – that doesn’t mean that is the rate that you will lock in at. This is something that you will for sure want to ask your lender about when you first speak with them. Be sure to ask the loan officer “at what point can I lock my rate in so I know what rate I am getting?”

USDA Mortgage Rates: Shop Lenders For The Best Deal

The easiest way to get the best rate on a USDA mortgage is to shop multiple lenders. Each lender will set their own rates (USDA doesn’t set the rates, each individual lender does) so by shopping around you can give yourself the best chance to get the best rate. Also, most lenders will allow their loan officers to set the rate for the customer – so just by shopping the same lender it is possible that you could get two different rates – from the same lender!

Shopping for the best USDA mortgage rates is easy, only takes a few seconds and there is no obligation. Be sure to get your USDA loan quote in writing and get multiple quotes from multiple lenders where possible. Get the best USDA rate by being smart – and shopping around!

USDA Mortgage Rates: Different By Lender

Many times people shopping for a USDA loan will think that there is an “official” USDA mortgage rate that is set by USDA or the government or someone that is “official”. Not true. Each lender who offers USDA loans will set their own rates – and the rates will different by each lender, possibly each day and possibly even multiple times each day.

USDA Rates Change Frequently

USDA mortgage rates change frequently – because they are just like any other mortgage program: the rates are driven by the mortgage bond market which is actively trading every day. If you shop multiple lenders, you will find that each lender may have a slightly different rate for a 30 year fixed rate USDA loan – and on any given day any lender may be lower or higher than another lender.

To further complicate it, each lender may let their loan officers quote rates – which means that if you speak with multiple loan officers at one lender, you may get different rates for the day. Thats right – 2 loan officers who work for 1 lender may quote you 2 different rates. That is why the best thing you can do if you are interested in getting a USDA loan is to shop around.

Shop USDA Lenders For The Best Deal

Shopping for a great USDA lender who can help you is important because by shopping lenders and getting a written quote – you can easily compare who the best lender is for you. With USDA mortgage rates changing so often – and with so many possibilities of being different – it can easily pay thousands of dollars over the life of your loan to shop multiple lenders when getting a USDA loan. Start here by shopping some great USDA lenders and getting started with getting a great USDA loan today.